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Jun 29, 2020 2:00:00 PM / by Coastline Staff

Orange County, CA, (June 29, 2020) GLOBE NEWSWIRE

Due to the continued threat of COVID-19, colleges and universities still face unprecedented changes in methods of instruction for the upcoming Fall 2020 academic year. In the past few months, many educational institutions have transitioned most of their courses online and are continuing this new path forward by employing a more comprehensive digital learning environment.

Coastline College has been a leader in online education and distance learning and has been for over 40 years, through innovation and technology where 80% of the college's classes are online. Coastline College has always tried to meet students where they are and not let a physical location be a barrier. The Coastline Library is the same way. It is the online California Community College Library that is 100% online and always available 24/7, an open and amazing resource, accessible to all students.

Elizabeth Horan, the Library Director of Comprehensive Library Services at a Distance at Coastline College, has helped develop Coastline's 100% online library, and she runs the Online Library (the only library at Coastline) which offers library services to all students. She is a brilliant forward-thinking librarian who was recently honored with an "Innovation of the Year Award" by The League for Innovation.

"With COVID-19, I became an expert in online library services and was asked by librarians around the state for direction on how to run an online Library. I created a YouTube Playlist - How to run an online library and presented to the Council of Chief Librarians on 'Engaging students in an online library'"  - Elizabeth Horan, Library Director, Coastline College.

Ms. Horan has developed and created engaging educational YouTube tutorials for students to learn how to use the online library including, how an online library works and is run, how to log into Canvas, Coastline's online (LMS) learning method software, the industry-leading platform, how to order a textbook, among many other helpful videos.

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