Help Keep Coastline Students Still Affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic in College

Oct 14, 2020 2:00:00 PM / by Coastline Staff

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The Coastline College Foundation is launching another emergency fundraising initiative to help new students still suffering the effects of Covid-19 as well as current students barely hanging on. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the Coastline College Foundation established the Student Emergency Relief Fund in April to provide essential emergency financial aid to students experiencing economic hardships during this unprecedented time. The COVID-19 pandemic has been hitting Coastline students due to job loss in the home, income needs for basic living expenses, including food and housing, medical and childcare, utilities, internet access, remote-learning technology and more.

The fund was created to address the emergency needs of these Coastline students by providing grants to the impacted students in hardship grant assistance for unplanned financial expenses to help ensure they stay enrolled in school and continue in their educational degree completion through this challenging time.

Community colleges, like Coastline, play a crucial role in the American economy and for local communities offering an affordable and vital pathway to a four-year degree, as well as professional training and certification programs that facilitate students to become career-ready for jobs in today’s workforce. Colleges disproportionately serve low-income students and students of color but provide the source of opportunity supporting social mobility for these students and thus contributing to the health of the U.S. economy. Students are in the midst of their college careers, and Coastline wants to ensure that as many as possible move forward toward completing their educational goals.

Coastline College Foundation Executive Director, Mariam Khosravani says, "The Foundation’s goal is to generate donations to help Coastline students who continue to be impacted by this ongoing worldwide pandemic. Coastline College Foundation is committed to student success and provides an array of support programs and services to meet the diverse needs of our students, including financial assistance with tuition, textbooks, laptops, housing, food banks, and more, through scholarships, endowments, and other financial programs. To ensure that our student community will continue to receive these programs, we rely on the support and generosity of our community."

Coastline College is asking the public to generously donate to support students in emergency need. Please help them by contributing to the Oktoberfest Fundraising Campaign. Donations can be made online at If you require assistance processing your gift, please call (714) 241-6154 or email Coastline College Foundation at


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