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Oct 26, 2021 12:18:00 AM / by Nayeli Hernandez

Coastline College Receives John Stauffer Charitable Trust Grant to Develop Human Cadaver Lab at the Newport Beach Campus


Coastline College was awarded a grant totaling $366,265 from the John Stauffer Charitable Trust that will allow the College to develop a human cadaver lab program. The lab will provide experiential learning opportunities and have a tremendously positive impact on the education experiences of the College's Biological Sciences and Allied Health students.


The John Stauffer Charitable Trust is a private foundation based in Pasadena and established in 1974 under the Will of John Stauffer. Mr. Stauffer was the principal officer and shareholder of the former Stauffer Chemical Co., founded in San Francisco in the 1880's. In his Will, Mr. Stauffer expressed his desire that the Trust primarily support non-profit hospitals and colleges and universities in California. In recent years, the Trustees have emphasized grants to fund undergraduate student research, but the Trustees recognize the importance of this lab in the training of future health care professionals.

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Coastline College is deeply committed to academic excellence and student success and is part of the Coast Community College District (CCCD) in Orange County. The College serves a diverse population of students with onsite classes at three campuses located in Garden Grove, Westminster, and Newport Beach. The College's Biological Sciences and Allied Health department is located at each of these campuses. Three of the six science labs are located at the Newport Beach campus. Coastline College offers a variety of courses leading to the attainment of certificates and degrees in life sciences, health, and medical related fields.

Most of the Biological Sciences and Allied Health students come to Coastline to complete their  prerequisites for health care careers in nursing, pharmacy, physical and occupational therapy, physician assistant programs and medical and dental schools. As a requirement for completion, students need human anatomy and physiology courses. Human cadavers in the lab creates an active learning environment that allows students to have a hands-on experience that will provide enhanced instruction in human anatomy for the Health Science students. Some students as part of their application process for transfer to degree programs require access to a human cadaver.


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The grant proposal was developed and submitted by Deborah C. Henry, M.D., Professor, Anatomy and Physiology, Biological Sciences and Allied Health, Aeron Zentner, D.B.A., Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Darian Aistrich, Grant Development Specialist and supported by Tom Neal, Ph.D., Dean of Newport Beach Campus, Vincent Rodriguez, Ed.D., current Coastline President and Loretta Adrian, Ph.D., retired President of Coastline. The College has also committed its local Measure M bond funding to provide additional financial support to ensure success and sustainability to this project.

"The Biological Science and Allied Health Department at Coastline is so appreciative of the John Stauffer Charitable Trust grant to fund the building of a lab in his honor. For students to have access to a human cadaver lab as they pursue transfers to career education in medicine, nursing, physical and occupational therapy, and dentistry (among others) is an experience they never will forget. I certainly remember the gift of learning anatomy on a cadaver in medical school."

Deborah C. Henry, M.D., Professor, Anatomy and Physiology, Biological Sciences and Allied Health


About Coastline College:

Coastline College is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.  For eight consecutive years, Coastline College was selected as one of the top 150 colleges by The Aspen Institute for Community College Excellence which is considered the nation's signature recognition for America's community colleges. Coastline College guides diverse populations of students toward the attainment of associate degrees and certificates leading to career advancement, personal empowerment, and transfer. By meeting students where they are, Coastline provides innovative instruction and services designed to achieve equitable outcomes.

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